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The Verve is a Pre-Professional Dance Company located in the Panhandle of Florida. The Verve prepares dedicated and passionate dancers for a career in the Dance Arts. Pre-Professionals participate in a rigorous training program and performance ensembles to learn necessary skills that prepare them for entry into a university dance program and/or professional dance company. Classes are designed to train in the areas of technique in ballet, jazz and contemporary, artistic development and conditioning. 

Additionally, Verve members travel to attend speciality workshops, where they compete as well as attend classes with industry professionals who offer guidance in audition preparation and technique. 


Verve members are required to attend 8 hours of classes/rehearsals weekly. There are additional classes throughout the week focused on technique, improv development, combinations and conditioning that are also added to their rehearsal schedules. Rehearsals include some weekend and evening hours.

The Verve also offers a wide range of beginner and intermediate classes for those who may be new to dance.

All of our classes are skill based—not age based.

We start instilling a strong work ethic in our beginner classes to help mold and shape our dancers to be not only physically strong and capable, but mentally strong and confident as well!


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