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Kameron Kerns

Kameron Kerns grew up in the Florida Panhandle where she trained at the Northwest Florida Ballet Academy, multiple different competitive studios, and was a member of the Fort Walton Beach Highschool Dance Team. She was a member of the Verve Dance Company where she was mentored by choreographer, Katie Li. Kameron was a 4 year member of the Florida State Golden Girls and Co. Dance Team. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from FSU with her Bachelors of Fine Arts and Minor in Business Studies. She is currently in her third year of working as a Universal Dance Association Instructor where she travels to work with dance teams across the country. Kameron is now in Tallahassee where she is the Assistant Coach for the Florida State University Golden Girls and Co. Dance Team. 


Bella Paone

Bella Paone grew up in the panhandle of Florida where she trained in Ballet at the northwest Fl ballet academy, multiple studios, competitive cheer, danced with the Fort Walton Beach High school Stars and took on the role of 1st lieutenant and technical advisor. Throughout high school and currently, Bella attended Verve Dance Company as a student, company member, and a teacher. She also accompanied Katie Li, the owner of Verve Dance Company, as an assistant at multiple studios. Bella Paone is currently apart of the USF Sundolls Dance team, majoring in Health Sciences with a minor in Dance. Lastly, she works as an NDA staff member with Varsity. She travels all over the US to instruct other dance teams with National Dance Alliance. 

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